5 Miraculous Benefits you get from Power of Prayer

5 Miraculous Benefits you get from Power of Prayer

After the 93-year-old man in Italy got better after the quarantine period in the hospital, he was told to pay for the ventilator for one day, and the old man cried. The doctor advised him not to cry over the bill.

What the old man said in response astounded everyone and made all the doctors cry.

The old man said, “I don’t cry because of the money I have to pay. I can pay for all the money. I cry because I have been breathing God’s air for 93 years, but I never pay for it. It takes $5,000 to use a ventilator in a hospital for one day. Do you know how much I owe God? I didn’t thank God for that before.”

What kind of generation we are living in. We have almost all kinds of luxuries in this world but still, our generation is the most stressed one and a lot of health issues are seen as compared to our ancestors. Have you ever take a pause to ponder what are we doing in life and who is the universal power above all of us? Are we so busy in our competitive lives that hardly spending 5 minutes to thank God seems a bigger task to us? Why we have become so ungrateful and selfish to one who has given us life?

What is Prayer?

Pray, chant, mantras, devotion, invocation are all terms used for the art of Praying. Some say, Guru Nanak, some say, Shiva, some Jesus, and some Mohammed. All are one and same, the concept is to beg in front of our creator, the universal soul God.

Simply said, Prayer is a communication with God. It is a talk with a universal soul who created all souls. Prayer can be audible, silent, alone or in public. We can pray anytime. Silent prayers in the morning are more peaceful and powerful. Even if you cry in the mid-afternoon and humbly talk with God with faith regarding any of your challenges or problems you are facing, your prayers will be answered.


Top 5 Powerful Benefits of Praying

1. Prayer gives you Hope

It’s very simple to lose trust when you’re experiencing an awful period in your life. In any case, when you lose trust, you likewise lose the capacity to think reasonably. Melancholy sets in and contemplations of suicide begin to attack your psyche. Prayer proves to be beneficial at that point and gives you hope to face your challenges and restart your life with a positive outlook.

2.Builds better relationships

People hurt you and in the return, you hurt them. It’s a common phenomenon among most of the people in which hurt is the only result. Once you confess in front of God to forgive you to hurt anyone whether mistakenly or deliberately and also forgive others who have hurt you will always enhance your relationship with others. It will also reduce the negative effects of hurt and will make you more positive in relationships.

3. Prayer teaches you a life of Gratitude

Even if you think you have nothing in life and have complained mostly. Think of a beggar who doesn’t have money to eat a single meal. You should be grateful to God and thank him to provide you scrumptious food. Think of a person who is blind who just can’t see anyone or beauty of nature or colors in life. You can view spectacular sunrise or sunset, a beautiful flower or a rainbow. A random act of kindness by some stranger makes you feel good in an instant. You are alive and feel happiness in these small gestures of expressions. You should pause the hustle and bustle life and thank God for all these simpler forms of happiness.

4. Prayer reduces Anxiety

Prayer helps dissipate your negative emotions. Prayer helps you maintain a positive attitude. Be it illnesses, like depression, high blood pressure, ulcers or migraine headaches, that are caused at least in part by elevated levels of stress and anxiety. When you open and embrace your mind, you will be much calmer inside and will feel your stresses slowly releasing from your mind.

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5. Prayer helps you find direction in Life

At the point when you vocally and humbly pray to God sitting in a peaceful corner of your home, you can think about genuine choices in your life. God tunes in and gives direction and even answers now and again. Even if you are not getting answers directly, your prayer will align with God’s will and you will be at peace.

To Conclude:

Don’t just pray when you have a really big problem. God is not your band-aid. Pray all the time and show him the respect that he deserves. Get in the habit of praying daily.

“Sometimes, all it takes is one PRAYER to change everything.”

Disclaimer: The above piece of article is written to explain the concept and to express my viewpoint, its not a representation of any factual data.

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