7 Proven Meditation Benefits to Overcome Coronavirus Anxiety

7 Proven Meditation Benefits to Overcome Coronavirus Anxiety

7 Proven Meditation Benefits

Yesterday my son caught a cold and I surfed the net to check for dozen of home remedies to help him heal faster.

The day before my daughter had a mild fever in the night, my mind was full of negative racing thoughts.

I had a pending routine appointment with my physician, but the thought of going to the hospital at this time is spine-tingling.

My husband went to a nearby supermarket and a myriad of thoughts hovered my mind like he is going to fight a war.

These are all worrisome thoughts that are running on every person’s mind whether it is you, me, or any other person living on earth. Due to the ongoing corona epidemic, getting caught with corona anxiety is quite obvious. The need for an hour is we need to learn how to live safely and most importantly stress-free. Stretching, Yoga, Running,  Exercise and postures are some of the habits to incorporate in our lives to remain positive. One best way to cope with anxiety is to learn meditation for stress and anxiety.

Meditation Guide: How to meditate at home?

There are multiple ways to meditate. The Internet is flooded with different methods of meditation. Searching and choosing them will catch you in no results cycle.  Transcendental meditation is the most simple and popular method of meditation nowadays. It is also a form of mantra meditation. It does not relate to any particular religion mantra.

Mantras that have more healing vibration and scientifically helpful to calm mental well being should be used. Some of the widely used mantras are:

  1. Oooooommmmmmm
  2. Hoooommmmmmmm
  3. Suuuuuuuummmmmm
  4. Shiiiiiiiiiiiirimmmm
  5. Kirrrrrrrrimmmmmm

You should vary the length and tone of each letter of your mantra while you’re chanting so that it would be easier to induce this “trance” effect on your mind. It doesn’t matter how you are repeating the mantra as long as you complete the whole session at the specified duration time in your initial states.

Guided Steps to Meditate at home:

Step 1: Make sure to choose a place without any distractions. Relax and sit in a comfortable position. You can sit on the lounge, floor, bed, or chair wherever you feel comfortable.  Taking back support for any discomfort is also allowed. You can use cushions for it. Laying position is not recommended.


Step 2: Start with a few deep breaths for 1-2 minutes.

Step 3: Put your alarm for 5 minutes initially. Extend meditation duration to 20 minutes once you become more habitual.

Step 4: Close your eyes. Choose any mantra from above and start repeating the same in your mind. The ending mantra(mmm) sound can still be audible to you.

Step 5: Try to increase the length of mantra eg. Hooooooommmmmmmmmm

Step 6: Once your alarm buzzes, slowly open your eyes and feel the world.

Step 7: Do it twice daily for 15-20 minutes for better results.

Make sure to perform this meditation after 3-4 hours of your meal. Ideally, you should do in the morning and also in the evening before having dinner.

Once you perform this meditation regularly, you will surely see the result in 10-15 days. Your thoughts will be much more clear and your mind will be free of any stress and anxiety.

Proven Benefits of Meditation in the midst of Coronavirus Lockdown

Amidst the lockdown phase, when we are more prone to corona anxiety, start practicing meditation on a regular basis to live a positive lifestyle:

  • Meditation reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Our sleep quality becomes better once we start meditating.
  • A greater sense of clarity and productivity.
  • Lower blood pressure
  • A greater sense of calmness throughout the day.
  • Improved brain function and memory.
  • Keeps your mind alert and sharp.

If a lockdown is nerve-wracking on your mind, you should definitely start doing meditation and live a stress-free life in an ongoing pandemic.

Stay safe and stay Healthy!!

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