COVID-19 will end by June 2020 according to prediction by Abhigya Anand

COVID-19 will end by June 2020 according to prediction by Abhigya Anand

When the whole world is battling with a pandemic COVID-19, a prediction of the teenage boy Srirangapatna, Karnataka, India has come true and flabbergasted each and every one. In August 2019 when no one heard of the word  Corona even in their distant dreams and its deadly attack on the world. This teenage boy already knew in advance. Yes,  he already announced in his video which was uploaded on youtube in August.

According to his video, he predicted that there will severe danger to the world which will begin in Nov19 and will end on April 20. His video titled “Severe Danger to the world from Nov 2019 to April 2020” has astounded everyone.  His predictions have been true as far till yet according to various resources. He also mentioned in advance that planetary positions are very dangerous that people should avoid traveling outside on 30 march to 1 April as the virus will be robust at that time.

This teenage astrologer is Abhigya Anand who was born in 2006 in Srirangapatna, Karnataka, India. He did Post Graduation Diploma in Ayurvedic Microbiology at a very young age. His father’s name is “Anand Ramasubramanian” and his mother’s name is “Annu Anand”. Abhigya has a younger sister named “Abhideya”. He is a God gifted child who has a very sharp mind right from childhood. Anand is not an ordinary child. At the age of 14 only, he completed his post-graduation.

At this tender age, he speaks 6 languages namely Tamil, Sindhi, Sanskrit, English, Hindi & Kannada. When kids of his age are in deep slumber, he gets up at 4:30 and performs his daily prayers. He worships Lord Ramachandra, Lord Krishna, Lord Lakshmi Narsimha & also Lord Shiva always. He meditates on OM mantra stating that it helps in rejuvenating the human being, releases the good hormones of the body & also oxytocin & other good chemicals. It also calms down the body & is good for yoga.


When will COVID-19 come to an end?

According to his recent video, he told that the effect of COVID-19 will cease on 31 May but that will not mark the end of this outbreak. The effect will be reduced for 2 days only. According to him, the corona will finally end by 31st June. Astrologer suggested that time between March 7 and April 7 is not good at all. He also requested everyone to stay at home during this period. He recommends eating basil leaves to get a stronger immune system. Intake of raw turmeric and ginger are also advised by this young astrologer in the world.

Another virus outbreak in December 2020

Another shocking revelation predicted by him is the next disaster will hit the earth on December 20 and will continue up to 31 March 2021. Anand states that this next pandemic will be more severe than the coronavirus outbreak. He also told us that the only way to get saved from these outbreaks is to boost your immunity.

Abhigya has also shared various herbal remedies in his videos to boost immunity. The teenage astrologer states that the unnecessary killing of animals and harming our mother nature is the reason behind all these viruses. It’s all reflection of karma and should not be taken lightly, he states. Additionally, he requests all meat vendors to stop killing innocent animals and also save our mother nature to save from their rage.

“Vegetarianism is one of the main and most wonderful things to do. If we do not want such pandemics in the future then we should stand up for Ahimsa, not harming animals & fellow humans, not harming Mother Earth (use eco-friendly products). This does not mean that I am against Humanity but it means that Humanity needs to understand the values of Life & also of fellow creatures as well.” He stated in a recent interview.

Note: All the above information is based on the prediction of Astrologer Abhigya Anand.


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