Stay Fit Stay Healthy

Stay Fit Stay Healthy

Every other individual on this planet is busy in the rat race. Goals, ambitions, career, money, luxury, job, success, and blah blah. Where does health stand in front of this? Nowhere! yes, this is a harsh fact. This is the new generation in which Stay fit and Stay healthy stands behind after all these materialistic dreams. To be honest, I was also sailing in the same boat. But not now since I have realized now that Staying fit and healthy is one of the foremost goals of every individual. But it’s already late now. Something you realize late in your life when you already have missed or lost something. Yes, those precious things which you lost once can’t come back ever. And for me, that’s good health. The years I spent with a lot of anxieties, family issues, career goals, and sleepless nights have given me a lifelong medical condition named Fibromyalgia. 



I have lost many things and will never get in my life. I was very passionate about dancing since childhood and always had dance learning sessions so that I could become the best dance performer. Though I had to really push hard fighting with my pains during my dance sessions. But they say, if you are crazy to fulfill your dreams, you need to go out of your limits. But for me, this formula didn’t work. I still remember my last appointment with my specialist when he diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. My innocent reply what about my dancing dream and weightloss. To which doctor “Stay alive first” and suggested me to take maximum rest as possible and never exert much on my body. I was happy as well as shattered. Happy because after multiple sets of doctor rounds with MRIs, XRays something finally got diagnosed. Sad because all my dreams about fitness and an active lifestyle got shattered at an instant. To add more to it, forget about weight loss.

Why? Why I couldn’t understand the importance of good health earlier. Why I took my mental health for granted? Why are we not taught the importance of life skills during our school sessions? Why yoga and meditation is not a part of the school curriculum? We are taught social sciences, history, music in our basic schooling. Why a vital element of meditation and life problem coping skills are not discussed at all? There are a lot of whys? But no answer. When something is lost, the only regret remains.

I strongly recommend staying fit and healthy should be one of the primary goals of any individual. I know we all have lots of goals and deadlines to meet. But it’s my humble request never to take health for granted. Once wealth is gone, you can still work hard and get it back. But once your health is gone, there is never a U-turn.

Some essential tips everyone should follow regularly to gain great health:

  1. Walking – 30 mins walk is a great routine to include in your daily routine
  2. Meditation-I knows you came across term many times. It’s flooded all over the internet. But truly tell, how many of you practice it regularly?
  3. Writing-It is one of the very powerful relievers. When you don’t have anyone to pour out your stresses. when you are so confused about taking an important decision, jotting down everything is such a great option. Who knows, you would become a great blogger later 🙂
  4. Music-It depends on the individual if they like it. But for me, music is something which really relieves my tense nerves.
Playing with my doll


5.Kids-Spend quality time with kids. They are so innocent and far from any worries and struggles. The smile, cuddle, and laugh with them is worth every minute.

My lovely kids


6.Watch what you eat-Whatever you put into your mouth has a huge impact on your overall health.

7. Webinars-Spend more on health-related, positive living-related webinars. But most importantly, don’t forget to follow them 🙂

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