The Vacation which turned into nightmare

The Vacation which turned into nightmare

So, we all were happy about our vacation to Granny’s (Nani) home which was pending for around a year. We can blame corona for making us wait for a long time. So a week before our departure(7th Feb 21), all preparations were going on. Kids were excited making plans to have their own type of fun, playing with grandparents, cousin, and their special treats and pizza.

While I was busy shopping for my parent’s gifts, our shopping, and special gift items. Going to parents’ place after a long time is itself the next level of excitement.

My daughter, right side, my son next to her


So we were counting the days and finally, we got ready to depart to Indira Gandhi International Airport New Delhi. We booked the cab and left for the Rajiv Gandhi International airport Hyderabad at 7:30 am. So we all are foodies and having breakfast at the airport lounge while you can watch airplanes flying and landing is another icing on the cake. And here we reached the lounge. So to take the precautionary measures from covid,  food is now served on your tables. Earlier it was self-service though. And we were served our platters on the table. Now my kids, who just hate sitting in a place for more than 2 minutes started taking rounds around. So my elder child, 8 years old named Ekam was taking rounds and got a soft drink for him. And then I also asked to get a glass for me too and subsequently, he got for me, my daughter aka Pihu, 4 years cheerful child, and for my husband too.

At Hyderabad airport longe


And that was the biggest mistake we did before anyone could do before starting a vacation. After having our tummies tight, we finally boarded the flight and reached Delhi airport.

Pihu outside Delhi airport, feeling cold weather for the first time in her life


And we reached Rudrapur(60kms from Nainital) in the evening after 5 hours of road journey at 8 pm. My beautiful home of parents was all decorated and was giving a royal look. The welcome cake was already waiting for us kept on the table.

My daughter Pihu, My son Ekam, My mom, My nephew(from left)


The meeting, hugs, and seeing my childhood home after such a long time is always one of the golden moments of life. Why girls leave their parents’ home and leave forever? What is this ritual? As more, I think I wet myself with tears.

Now started the actual nightmare. It was midnight around 1 am, Pihu was sleeping next to me. And she coughed in her sleep and I waved my hand at her forehead confirming whether she was alright. I found she was so warm to touch and I instantly found something is not well. The next moment was more saddening, She vomited onto the bed and now all blankets everything got strained up, and that too wintery midnight of North. She was looking so dull and pale. I comforted her and changed all clothes and straight away put the thermometer to find that she had a 102-degree temperature.

My adorable daughter Pihu

The next day was more torturing. She got terrible diarrhea and passed around 30-40 stools with a high fever. What’s more surprising we all, my husband, me, and my son too got stomach upset and diarrhea. We went to a pediatrician who told us your daughter got severe Food poisoning. And it would take a minimum of around a week to be recovered. Worst we will spend half of our 2 weeks-long vacations in illness and bathroom rounds. Everyone at my parents’ home got worried when the doctor told me my daughter might need to be hospitalized.

Fortunately the next day Pihu got active and we were relieved from getting her hospitalized. After long thoughts of 3-4 days what wrong we would have ingested, I suddenly got to remember, and that too during my shower time :D. The vending machine from where Ekam got soft drinks for us was out of service. I had an instant glance while we were exiting from the airport lounge. That small drink was the culprit and reason for all pain and suffering. So guys, next time whatever you drink and eat, just pay attention because it’s your body only. We only have to bear the illness and consequences later.

Be like a hawk of what you are putting in your mouth.

Try to eat homemade food during your trips.

If you still want to eat outside, search for the healthy and hygienic eating junction.


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